I started with Custom on 3.10.2014 at the Clarksville, TN location. My wife is an active duty soldier and we had just moved to the area. I was honestly looking for part time work to get away from my children as I had been a stay at home parent for the previous 5 years! I had a little bit of experience with working at an AT&T retailer so I was able to go through an accelerated training course and jump right into helping our customers.

I was promoted to an assistant manager position on 5.1.2014 and then to a store leader position 60 days later on 7.1.2014. My team was able to set the TN/KY record in July of 2014 for most Digital Life sold in a month at 40 units, a record that still stands. On 10.1.2014 I was promoted to an area leader position meaning that I have an opportunity to help make an impact at even more stores. I was even able to interview for a highly coveted market director position after being with the company for a mere 13 months. In the past year and a half as an area leader I have at times held the biggest area in the company and other times the most profitable.

I can say Custom is the kind of company that if you come in to work and bust your tail it will be noticed, appreciated and rewarded. There are 2 mindsets when it comes to work, you either “have to go to work” or you “get to go to work”. Custom is a company where I “get to go to work” every single day!


Brock E. Adams
Tennessee West Area Leader